2016 American Dog Derby: February 18, 19, 20

1:00 pm Registration Begins at Eagle Peak Lodge
2:00 pm Begin Vet Checks of Dog Teams
7:30 pm Musher’s Meeting – Mandatory for Musher's/Officials.

7:00 am Vet Checks continue at the staging area (5th St/Main)
100 Miler first, followed by 60 Miler, 40 Miler, 20 Miler & Jr. Race
Teams leave at 2 minute intervals

Slowest time in each class will start first
100 Miler first, followed by 60 Miler, 40 Miler, 20 Miler & Jr. Race
Awards presentation to follow race on Main Stree

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The Oldest All-American Dog Sled Race
This historic dog sled race runs from Ashton, Idaho to Cascade Corner of Yellowstone Park. It is an exciting winter experience with events for mushers, spectators, and dogs of all sizes.

The American Dog Derby - Ashton, Idaho Dog Sled Race

Compete for a large payout with 15 money winners!

There are 5 different races offered and a start/finish line full of activities including a celebrity race, a snowshoe race, and a weight pull in which spectators and their dogs can compete.

The Historic American Dog Derby since 1917

From 1917 when Tud Kent won the first American Dog Derby during a blinding blizzard to this year’s races, the running of the dogs in Ashton is an exciting event rich in history... Read more about the historical American Dog Derby's past

Derby News & Press

Jerry and his team mushing to the finish

Jerry Bath surpassed Tud Kent's record, becoming the new title holder for the American Dog Derby.  Tud held that record for 87 years.  He won six races between 1917 and 1926.  Jerry has won his race, seven of the last seven years!

Hailing from Lander, WY Jerry has been...

Spectators cheer a team as they start a race

All of the daytime Derby events are outdoors.  It is February, so even if the sun is shining it can get cold, especially at the start.  There's alot of action at the Derby, but as a specator, you'll be standng or sitting for long periods, not moving much.  So, your body will cool...

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